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Installation videos - how to install your new skin.

We have designed our skins for easy installation and a perfect fit. Our skins do not cover any lights, buttons, or functions on your device. Our skins are computer cut for a perfect fit, installation is very simple. Please follow the instructions below:

  1. It is very important to clean, installing a skin over an oily or dirty surface can cause the skin to lose adhesion and fail. Wipe the device you are skinning with ammonia-free glass cleaner or alcohol using a lint free cloth. (Do not get cleaner on the screen if your device has one) If the device is NOT clean the skin will not stick. It's critical that you allow the console to dry (or the alcohol to evaporate) prior to installing the skin.
  2. The exact order of the installation is personal preference, although starting with the smaller pieces may help you familiarize yourself with the process. Before starting, visually inspect your skin to familiarize yourself with the pieces so you know which one goes where. Then, one by one, peel the skin pieces from the backing paper and apply them.
  3. Align the edges and cutouts of the skin with your device, then lay the skin on your device. Now, take your finger and smooth out the skin over the entire surface, pushing any wrinkles or bubbles out to the edges as you go.
  4. Repeat this procedure for each panel of your skin until complete. When applying the larger pieces (the area around the screen or the top of the unit), it's helpful to start in the center then work your way outwards towards the edges. Remember that you can always peel it back and reapply it if needed. Any minor air bubbles, pockets or wrinkles can simply be pushed out with your fingertip. The pieces that go by buttons or thumb-pads should have even spacing around those controls when applied properly. Take your time when installing these as they're the most difficult pieces.
  5. Your new skin can be cleaned with a wet cloth at any time and will be unaffected. Your skin is waterproof and scratch resistant so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged from daily use.
  6. To remove your skin, simply pick up a corner and peel away from your device.
  7. Our skins are designed to be removed without leaving adhesive behind. If you have any questions about your new skin or the installation process, feel free to contact us, or watch one of the videos below.

Our skins are made from the highest quality materials available and will probably last longer than your device.


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